Art and climbing are two of the most consistent passions in Craig Muderlak's life. Both elicit adventure and inspiration, and influence his life dramatically. These two pursuits feed off each other and create valuable human experiences through the virtues of creativity, passion and exploration. Craig Muderlak is an outdoor enthusiast and artist who merges these two passions. He finds great meaning in adventure and expresses this passion with climbing and creativity. Craig is an illustrator, painter, musician, and filmmaker. He has created award winning films and regularly sells his art domestically and internationally. Although he works in a variety of mediums and styles, all his inspiration originates from the desire to explore his connection to expansive landscapes, often originating from the pursuit of climbing. Many of his illustrations are marked with lettering. This style developed out of his passion for journaling and exploring his deep connection to these landscapes through the written word. The text is usually illegible, comprised of jumbled letters or words without literal meaning, implemented as a pattern or compositional element. Through the spontaneous and compulsive use of color, text and contour, he tries to share something more than simply a depiction of beautiful landscapes. Instead, he uses his illustrations as an outward expression of the obsession, yearning, emotions and questions associated with his connection to these landscapes. Whether its illustration, painting, photography, music, or film; This desire to share the valuable human experience present in climbing and creativity is represented throughout his art.


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