Maybe you have a specific feature in mind that you really want hanging on your wall but you don't see it in my portfolio. No problem, I regularly do commissions of peoples' favorite National Park, their favorite climbing destination, or any other landscape they have a connection to - I also do more conceptual, non-landscape commissions. I've included a breakdown of prices below to provide you with a general idea of what my fees. I realize that every commission is unique and you're probably working with specific dimensions and other requests that we can work out, so please contact me directly with any questions. I'm able to work smaller and larger than these dimensions as well with additional mediums. It's okay if the dimensions you're interested in don't match these sizes exactly - I can come up with a custom price that reflects the size. The larger canvas commissions are shipped un-stretched and rolled due to limitations with shipping. Frames increase the dimensions by about 2 inches on each side. The turnaround time for completing a commission depends on the scale. However, for the smaller sizes I usually ask for around one month and the larger ones two months. 

(Before beginning a commission I ask for half the fee upfront. I will provide you with a contract and invoice. Prices below do not include shipping) 

  • 22" x 14" (on paper) : $1050 (unframed) , $1200 (Framed)
  • 30" x 20 "  (on paper) : $1,750 (Unframed), $2,000 (Framed)
  • 32" x 24" (on board or canvas) : $1,850 
  • 30" x 48" (on canvas) : $2,250
  • 4' x 6 ' (on canvas): $3,250


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