Imperfect Perfection

This in-process series named "Imperfect Perfection" explores the concept of pattern and both distinction and crossover of mad-made pattern and that found in nature. Specifically, I am exploring the duality of repetition and symmetry as characteristics of pattern - often in man-made designs - with the imperfect and random qualities of pattern found in nature. This juxtaposition elicits the question of what exactly constitutes 'pattern.' Are the elements of repetition and symmetry definitive of pattern and preclude the existence of natural pattern or can it exist both with and without these distinctions? In this series, I am addressing the concept of pattern using laborious, almost obsessive line-work. In doing so, I have created compositions that, while appearing to have repetition and symmetry, are in-fact distinctly imperfect and void of these qualities while still maintaining a quality that could be interpreted as pattern.