A giclee print is a high-quality, archival reproduction. Every component of the reproduction process, including the paper, the pigment, and the printing, is of the utmost quality. Each of my artist proof (AP) prints has original, hand-drawn elements added to the giclee (zhee-klay) prints.  My original illustrations are exceptionally suited for the creation of prints. This is because my originals are created with pen, ink, and watercolor on paper and no texture is lost in the resulting print. Prints are shipped rolled up in a mailing tube - please allow up to 3 weeks for shipment (occasionally longer if I don’t have a specific print in my inventory).


Lucky Perfection (Mt. Rainier)
Perfect Imperfection #4
Dru Contours (web).jpg
Drus Contours (print)
Lift Me (web).jpg
Lift Me (The Matterhorn)
from 90.00
Vulnerable in the mountains #2(web).jpg
Vulnerable In The Mountains #2 (Mt Stuart)
Vulnerable in the mountains(web).jpg
Vulnerable In The Mountains #1
Tenaya contours (reg).jpg
Tenaya contour
from 90.00
Gould Script .jpg
Gould Script (Mt. Gould-Glacier National Park)
from 90.00
Dolomite script(web).jpg
Dolomite Script (#1)
The Valley Fog(website).jpg
The Valley Fog
from 90.00
Bears Ears Script (#2)(website).jpg
Bears Ears Script (#2) (Unframed Artist Proof)
Bears Ears Script (#1)(website).jpg
Bears Ears Script (#1) (Unframed Artist Proof)
Castleton Script (website).jpg
Castleton Script (Unframed Artist Proof)
Elephant Perch Script.jpg
Elephant Perch Script (Unframed Artist Proof)
website torres.jpg
Saturated Torres Del Paine (Unframed Print)
Torre Script (website).jpg
Torre Script (unframed print)
Tango Script
Trango Script
from 90.00
Cerro torre.jpg
Saturated Cerro Torre
from 90.00
Robson Script.jpg
Robson Script
from 90.00
Indian Creek (300).jpg
Reservoir Wall - (Indian Creek)
from 90.00
ZIon #2-4.jpg
Towers of the Virgin Script (Zion)
from 90.00
choosing uncertainty #3.jpg
Choosing Uncertainty #2
from 90.00
Prusik Script (Prussik Peak)
from 90.00
Smith Rock Script
from 90.00
Cirque Dreams (res)#2.jpg
Cirque Dreams - Wind River Mountains (artist-proof)
from 75.00
Diamond Dreams sized.jpg
"Diamond Dream (artist proof)
from 70.00
Sat. Dome (res)#2.jpg
Saturated Dome (artist proof)
from 80.00
Dreaming of Patagonia (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Liberty bell(resized).jpg
Luminous Liberty Bell (artist - proof)
from 90.00
Saphire Tetons (resized).jpg
Saphire Tetons (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Rockfellow Script(resized).jpg
Saturated Rockfellow (Cochise Stronghold)
from 90.00
Black Canyon(resized).jpg
Black Canyon (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Red Rocks(res).jpg
Red Rock (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Eldo Aglow(resized).jpg
Eldorado Aglo (artist - proof)
from 90.00
Valley Saffron(resized).jpg
The Valley Saffron
from 90.00
Sat. Needles(res).jpg
The Needles (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Pingora (res).jpg
Pingora (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Devils Tower Script(res).jpg
Devils Tower (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Flatiron script(res).jpg
Flatiron Script (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Waddington Script(300).jpg
Waddington Script
from 90.00
Half Dome Script(res).jpg
Half Dome Script (artist-proof)
from 70.00
Saturated Whitney(res).jpg
Saturated Whitney (artist-proof)
from 90.00
Saturated Hulk(res).jpg
Saturated Hulk (artist-proof)
from 90.00
be with me on the mountain #1(300).jpg
Be With Me On The Mountain #1 (Mt. Waddinton)
from 55.00
Squamish Script(Web).jpg
Sqaumish Script (Print)